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Hailing from Eastern North Carolina, I am a self-starter, interdisciplinary thinker, and maker with a love of relationship-building. I have experience in creating and successfully managing multimedia projects and creative events that require cross-sectoral collaboration and and in-depth research.

My business, Embody Media & Design , performs the following functions:

  • Create and manage digital media for private clients (websites, video/photo, e-newsletters, graphics, e-marketing)

  • Project/event management (scheduling, budgeting, booking, invoices, community relationship building, supplies acquisition, communications, etc.)

  • Maintain high quality customer service with clients and community partners

Embody emphasizes socially responsible creative planning and encourages clients to center equity, critically considering sociocultural and economic impacts of creative planning.


My ability to build relationships both with individuals and communities makes me an effective and action-oriented leader in business settings. In my interactions, I am a careful listener, empathic conversationalist and analytical thinker. I am personally committed to effecting positive change in the world and demonstrate this through my meaningful volunteer work within my communities. I exercise non-judgment and quick adaptability, aware that there are many ways to experience the world. Heartfelt and empowering, I seek to dissect old ways of thinking while reconstructing systems to support new ways of living. 

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